Pyro Mini

Formerly Known as Pyroclassic Mini*

The small wood fire with massive heat storage to keep your home warmer for longer.

Pyro Mini’s ceramic chamber, the Heat Sustainer, stores more heat than any other conventional wood fire through a slow and even release of its heat over an extended time.

*In 2022 Pyroclassic rebranded to Pyro Fires. Pyroclassic Mini is now simply Pyro Mini.


Reduce your heating costs – compared to a conventional fire’s steel firebox, the Pyro Mini’s ceramic chamber will burn less wood to maintain its temperature.

A healthier home – the slow and even release of heat from the Heat Sustainer (even after the actual fire has burned down) can fight one of the leading causes of dampness – cold rooms.

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Ultra Low Emissions Burner.

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Very low 1.1 kg per hour fuel consumption rate.

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Available with a 1.5kW high output wetback.

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Perfect for homes less than 140sqm.

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100% heavy ceramic firebox for thermal mass heating.


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Weight: Approximately 100kg.

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Useful Heat Output: 2kW – 6kW.

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Fuel Consumption Rate: 1.1kg/hr.

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Start up control: manually adjustable Turboslide.

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Emission Rate: 0.3g/kg (Dry and Wet).

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Maximum Heat Output: Up to 10kW (with increased fuel consumption rate).

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Air control: primary & secondary, fully automatic.

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Efficiency Rate: 66.5% space heating (Dry).

67.5% with wetback (58.7% space, 8.8% water).

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455 (W) x 452 (L) x 625 (H).

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Cooktop area: 812sqcm  with 10mm thick plate. Large enough for two saucepans.

Match Your Wood Fire to Your Decor.

Choose From 100 Custom Colours.

Pyroclassic Fire in Cola Red
Pyroclassic Fire in Yellow
Pyroclassic Fire in Telecom Green
Pyroclassic Fire in Blue
Pyroclassic Fire in Silver

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