Pyroclassic is CarboNZero

Dedicated to reducing emissions

Pyroclassic Fires is the first wood fire manufacturer in the world to achieve carboNZero certification!

We could not think of a better way to demonstrate our commitment to the environment than by joining the internationally accredited carboNZero programme, run by Enviro-Mark Solutions.  Pyroclassic Fires is committed to managing our business impacts on the atmosphere.

Pyroclassic Fires are a carboNZero certified organisation which means that we have measured our organisation’s carbon emissions, committed to a reduction plan and have offset emissions through high-quality New Zealand carbon credits supporting native forest regeneration at the Hinewai Reserve in Banks Peninsula.

After going through a thorough process of measuring and assessing our Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, we set in place an emissions management and reduction plan to help us achieve our goals. To offset our emissions for carbon neutrality, we chose to support the Hinewai project, whose carbon credits are created from regenerating native forests. The objective of the project is to increase the area of native forest on private land in New Zealand, whilst providing an income for landowners. This will reduce New Zealand’s net greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere, and also allow native biodiversity to flourish, reduce soil erosion and improve catchment water quality.

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“It is great to see a company like Pyroclassic Fires taking action to reduce their impacts. This achievement should be celbrated by everyone at Pyroclassic Fires and we look forward to seeing how this leadership evolves in their sector. “


– Dr. Ann Smith, Enviro-Mark Solutions CEO

What this actually means?

That not only is your fire good for the environment but the measures and practices adopted within our business are too. We strive in all aspects of our manufacturing process to ensure the minimal impact on our carbon footprint. From the energy saving lightbulbs in the factory, to the 100% recyclable bubble wrap that your Pyro is packed in, we have looked at ways to improve and minimise our efforts since 2008. From the wooden crate and pallet to the recyclable wrap and paper packaging, you can be sure that there is minimal waste from the purchase, and that all carbon used in the manufacture and delivery of your fire has been fully offset. Plus you are able to burn the wood from the crate and any of the paper packaging in your new fire and dispose of the wrap safe in the knowledge that it can be re-used or re-purposed. What an amazing environmental achievement!
Recent initiatives have been to change all our plastic bag packaging to paper bags to reduce overall plastic waste. With the significant move into the digital world, we are printing less brochures and marketing collateral and making information readily available online. We are constantly exploring ways in which to reduce our environmental impact to ensure that the Pyroclassic Fire lives up to the initial brief to the DSIR of burning wood and heating a home in the most conscious and ecological manner.
We accurately measure and reduce the greenhouse gas footprint of our business and offset the impact with carbon credits. You can have the confidence that by supporting Pyroclassic Fires, you are contributing to a global effort to promote and help lower greenhouse gas emissions.

We have set high standards that no others meet.

You can have confidence that by supporting Pyroclassic Fires, you are contributing to a global effort to promote and help lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Photo of Hineawi Reserve
Photo of Hineawi Reserve
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The world’s only CarboNZero certified wood fire manufacturer.

"ULEB Ultra Low Emissions Burner"

Every Pyroclassic Fire Meets ULEB regulations.

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Pyroclassic uses only 100% recyclable packaging.

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Pyroclassic Fires Ltd has more than halved its carbon footprint.