Pyroclassic Fire in Flat White- Front

Pyro Packages

Save Up To $448


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Pyro Wood Fire

100+ Colour Variations to choose from.

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Pyro Woodbin

4 options to choose from.*

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Pyro Wall Protection

4 options to choose from.**

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Re-usable Firelighters

Firelighting made easy.

Pyro Classic Package:

RRP $4999

Pyro Mini Package:

RRP $4499

Package Deal Options

Build Your Package Deal in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1

Choose Base Colour


Select a matching base colour for the door, double flue shield, and woodbin/raised bench.

Choose from grey or black.

Pyroclassic with Grey Base Colour

Grey Base Colour

Pyroclassic with Black Base Colour

Black Base Colour

Step 2

Choose Panel Colour


Over 100 Dulux Colours to Choose from.

Click here to view Dulux colour options.

Pyroclassic Fire in Yellow
Pyroclassic Fire in Silver
Pyroclassic Fire in Cola Red

Step 3

Choose a Woodbin


Choose a Woodbin or Raised Bench from the following three options.

*Some wood bin options may incur extra charge.

Small Woodbin

(No Added Cost)

Large Woodbin

(No Added Cost)

Raised Bench

(Add $150 to Package Price)*

Small Wood Bin with Ash Floor Protector

Small Woodbin with Ash Floor Protector

(Add $250 to Package Price)*

Step 4

Choose Wall Protection


Choose a Wall Screen or Flue Shield from the following three options.

**Custom-sized wallscreens also available and may incur extra charge.

Double Flue Shield

Double Flue Shield

(No Added Cost)

Single Wall Screen

Standard Wall Screen

Over 100 Dulux Colours to Choose From

Corner Wall Screen

Corner Wall Screen

Over 100 Dulux Colours to Choose From

Additional Accessories

Deluxe Essentials Kit – $249

Pyro Tool Kit: Includes ash scraper, shovel, ember rake, and stand

Pyro Tool Kit

Available in Black or Grey finish.

Moisture Meter

Moisture Meter

Measure the moisture level of your wood.

Pyroclassic Re-usable Firelighters