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Consumer Recommends Pyro Classic
Hand Built in Hawke's Bay

New Zealand’s Only Carbon Neutral Wood Burner

Choosing to heat your home with a Pyro Fire will REMOVE 10 tonnes of CO2 from the environment. 

We’ve teamed up with OneTreePlanted to plant over 20 native trees when you choose a Pyro Fire. Not only will you help to remove 10 tonnes of CO2 from the environment, you’ll be replacing the firewood consumed by your Pyro over its lifetime. 

Conserving and replacing our natural resources are at the heart of true sustainability.

Read about our sustainability efforts.
OneTreePLanted-This Product Plants Trees

Industry-Leading Efficiency

The Pyro Classic is an Ultra Low Emission Burner (ULEB) with a genuine overnight burn.

Check out our 60 second timelapse of a Pyro burning for 12 hours on a single load.

Pyro Fires burn less wood to maintain their temperature

Overnight Burn Timelapse

Ultra Low Emissions

Ultra Low Emission Burners (ULEB) meet some of the world’s toughest real world emissions testing criteria. Enjoy all the benefits of a wood fire without risking excessive harm to the environment. Every Pyro Fire complies with all NZ regional council ULEB Clean Air requirements.
Read about our sustainability efforts.
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Choose From Over 100 Colour Options

Match your wood fire to your decor.

Visit Dulux to choose from our range of Dulux Powder Coating options.

Pyro Fires in different colours

Kiwis Love Their Pyro Fires

Pyroclassic Fire in White
Gael: "Truly impressive wood fires. Visited an enormous open plan home with lots of glass, warm as toast with one of these.
Renee: "Jo [detacted] have you seen these fires have used them a lot and clients have been super impressed with their performance"
Bryce: "Simply put, There is no wood burner like a pyro....if you are considering a wood burner....Have the best"

Pyro Fires Range

Pyro Classic

The Classic. Suitable for most homes.

Pyro Mini

The Mini. Suitable for smaller homes.

Hot Water Heating

Save on your hot water heating costs with a Pyro Wetback or Booster.

hot water pipe

Pyro Classic Cooktop

Increase your cooking potential on your Pyro Classic with our stylish and durable cooktop oven, which includes a handy trivet and embroidered oven mitt.

Pyroclassic IV with Cooktop accessory
Pyroclassic Fire in Flat White- Front

Dry Your Home

A Drier Home is a warmer, Healthier Home

Too many New Zealand homes are damp…

So we created a ULEB wood fire with a genuine overnight burn to dry your home.