The Benefits of Small Wood Burning Stoves in New Zealand (NZ)

Wood burning fireplaces have changed dramatically over the years especially regarding design and efficiency. Now, you can install a wood stove just about anywhere in your home, provided we can connect a flue to the outdoors. However, flexibility isn’t the only advantage associated with wood burning stoves in NZ.

At Pyroclassic Fires, we’ve been operating for over four decades, and we’re the world’s only manufacturer to achieve carboNZeroCert TM certification. Our fireplaces emit up to half the emissions of competing solutions, allowing you to help the environment while making a saving on your heating.

You should consider purchasing a wood stove for your NZ home because:

  • They heat rooms efficiently
    Because wood burning stoves operate on the principle of radiant heat, they can warm your home much faster than vented heating solutions.
  • They’re more environmentally friendly than fossil fuel heating solutions:
    Burning fossil fuels emits greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which contributes to global warming. Small wood burning stoves in NZ are considered more environmentally friendly compared to heating with gas, coal or electricity.
  • They’re economical
    Wood is an inexpensive fuel. In most cases, it’s more affordable than electricity, gas and oil.
  • You can remain warm and comfortable during power outages
    Because you don’t need to rely on the grid to burn wood, power cuts won’t hamper your ability to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your house during winter.
  • You can use your fireplace to cook
    Many wood stoves in New Zealand, including ours, allow you to cook food. You can use our solutions to bake bread, casseroles and much more.
  • They add style to your home
    Because wood fireplaces are available in a broad range of designs, styles and colours, there’s bound to be a product that will complement your interior décor perfectly.

Why Choose Our Wood Stoves in New Zealand?

At Pyroclassic Fires, we can confidently say that our fireplaces are among the best on the market for numerous reasons. They retain heat much better than alternative solutions because they feature a ceramic cast cylinder. They work similar to a carboNZero cert TM, meaning less reloading and more consistent warmth.

As mentioned above, we’re the only wood fire manufacturer in the world to achieve carboNZeroCert TM certification, which means we take our green initiatives seriously. With emissions as low as 0.3/kg, our solutions are twice as green as most alternative wood burners.

We offer a selection of features to ensure your fireplace meets your requirements. You can choose from over 200 colour variations. The Pyroclassic IV has top plate cooktop if you want to increase your cooking potential. Additionally, we can fit our stoves with wetbacks to heat your water.

One of the primary benefits of our products is their ease of use and durability. Our fires feature automatic air controls, allowing to you maintain the temperature inside your home without having to adjust the settings manually. This process also ensures the glass remains intact and clean for years.

Learn More about Our Wood Burning Stoves in NZ

We have small and large fireplaces to suit any home, and for the reasons detailed above, we believe they’re the best choice on the market. From adding style to your home to reducing your utility bills and carbon footprint, the benefits of our solutions are countless. If you want more information on our products, don’t hesitate to call us.