Shop with Pyroclassic Fires for Freestanding Log and Wood Fires in New Zealand for Your Home

Log fires in NZ add the perfect ambience to any room in your home. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Pyroclassic Fires is well-versed in creating fireplaces that promote environmental well-being.

Our Selection of Interior Wood Fires in New Zealand
The PyroclassicMini is one of our top-selling products. It is an ultra-low emission burner, also known as ULEB, which provides you with clean burning wood fires in NZ. This option has a low fuel consumption rate of just 0.9kg per hour and ideal for homes that are less than 120m².

The PyroclassicIV is the better choice for a larger house that ranges from 130m2 to 200+m². This unit features a heavy-duty cooktop that covers an area of 1,521cm². Complete with a maximum heat output of up to 15kW, you are sure to stay nice and toasty when sitting next to this unit. Another lovely feature of the Pyroclassic is the 12 hour overnight burn for particularly cold days or nights.

It’s important to note that both of these choices feature more than 200 colour choices including red, blue, green and white so don’t forget to discuss your options with a member of our customer service team.

Benefits of Indoor Free-Standing Fires in NZ
There are fantastic advantages of modelling an area in your home around one of our free-standing fires in NZ. One attraction is the fact that it takes up less space than a traditional fireplace while still giving you the same aesthetically pleasing features. Both options are compact with a length of just 462mm for the Pyroclassic Mini, and 650mm for the Pyroclassic IV.

The warmth that our fireplaces give off is undeniable. Our unique design ensures that you will stay warmer much longer than other alternatives on the market today. They are fantastic assets to have if your power goes out on a chilly night. Take the opportunity to gather your family around the fire and enjoy the time together away from television and other technology.

Are you planning for a romantic night in with your significant other? There is no better way to enjoy each other’s company than around a cosy fire. Make the scene one that you will remember by combining it with a special meal. Turn the lights off and enjoy the quiet time together.

Your Eco-Friendly Choice
As the first wood fire manufacture in the world to obtain a carboNZeroCert TM certification, Pyroclassic Fires is a company that you can count on to provide you with options for environmentally kind wood fires in New Zealand. Our products aid in the constant struggle to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, so that people all around the world benefit from a cleaner and healthier atmosphere.

To discuss your choices for with a member of our team, please click through to our contact page.