Why You Should Buy a Wood Burning Fireplace in New Zealand (NZ) from Pyroclassic Fires

If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your home’s style and comfort while minimising your bills and carbon emissions, you should learn more about our range of contemporary and energy-efficient wood-burning fireplaces. At Pyroclassic Fires, we’ve been supplying and installing fires for NZ residents for over four decades, and due to the reasons detailed below, our products are high value.

The Benefits of Our Wood-Burning Fireplace in NZ

  • Impressive heat storage:
    We can confidently say that our wood-burning fireplace in NZ has the edge over alternative solutions. Our fireplaces retain heat similar to a kiln in a ceramic cast cylinder, allowing you to enjoy consistent warmth without having to reload it with fuel continually. Our largest fire, the Pyroclassic IV, is New Zealand’s only clean air approved fireplace that offers a 12-hour overnight burn.
  • Environmentally friendly wood fireplace in New Zealand:
    At Pyroclassic Fires, we take our green initiatives seriously. We’re proudly the world’s first wood burning fireplace manufacturer to achieve carboNZeroCert TM certification. The emission rates of our solutions are less than half of most other alternatives on the market. With a fuel consumption rate of just 1.1kg per hour for our largest model, our fireplaces are beneficial for your wallet and the environment.
  • Stylish fireplaces that complement your home’s interior:
    We don’t just design our products with comfort and the environment in mind – we manufacture our solutions to bolster the appearance of your property. Our fireplaces are available in a broad selection of colours. If you want your fire to look unique, you can choose a custom colour from our Dulux Powder Coating colour options, available in more than 200 colour combinations. You can feel confident our fireplaces will bloster your house’s image significantly.
  • Water heating capabilities:
    We can fit a wetback to both our wood burning fires – the large Pyroclassic IV and the Pyroclassic Mini – to give you a sustainable and affordable way to heat water. If you want to enjoy long hot showers or deep baths without having to worry about paying sky-high utility bills, you should consider opting for a fireplace with a wetback. If you initially purchase one of our solutions without this feature, we can install it later.
  • Cooking:
    With its 10mm thick steel top plate, the Pyroclassic IV is perfect of baking bread, slow-cooking casseroles and boiling the kettle. If you want to increase the cooking potential of your fireplace, consider purchasing our optional cooktop oven, which is highly durable and efficient. This feature also comes with an embroidered oven mitt and a handy trivet.
  • Unique air control:
    Our fires feature automatic air controls, allowing them to maintain your desired temperature without you having to make manual adjustments.

Learn More about Our Wood Fireplace in NZ

Considering the benefits detailed above, our solutions are high-value investments, and we have the perfect fireplace for any home. We have dealers throughout NZ who can assist with your installation.  We also cover our products with extended warranties, but you can depend on them to remain functional and stylish for years if not decades. If you have any questions or want to discuss your needs with our professionals, we encourage you to contact us.