Benefits of Wood Burners in New Zealand and Pyroclassic Wood Burning Fires in NZ

Are you looking for some of the best wood burners in New Zealand? Pyroclassic Fires combines the latest wood-burning technology with incredible versatility to create the low-emission Pyroclassic Fire, the first wood manufacturer in the world to achieve carboNZero CERT TM certification. Our Pyroclassic Fire chamber retains heat, allowing you to enjoy longer burn times and consistent heating with less reloading. Here are some of the benefits of choosing our wood burners in NZ.

The Eco-Friendly Choice
All Pyroclassic Fires have emissions rates of less than half of the average clean-air wood fire. Because of the massive heat storage abilities of the chamber, a Pyroclassic Fire uses considerably less wood, too. These features make our wood burning fires the smartest choice for both your wallet and our planet.

Incredible Heat Storage
Pyroclassic Fires have an advantage over other wood fires because of their unique chambers. We use a ceramic cast cylinder to retain heat like a kiln to give you the convenience of consistent warmth, whilst needing to reload significantly less often. Standard fire bricks cannot store the same level of heat provided by a Pyroclassic Fire. In fact, our largest fire, the Pyroclassic IV, is New Zealand’s only clean air approved fire that delivers a 12-hour overnight burn.

Cooking Surface
Your Pyroclassic Fire comes with a 10mm-thick steel top plate that’s perfect for cooking applications. Bake some fresh bread, slow-cook a casserole, or just boil the kettle with ease. The Pyroclassic IV includes a durable cooktop oven with an embroidered oven mitt and handy trivet. The cooking potential of our fires means that you won’t waste energy, because you can cook right on the top plate, already hot so you can use it right away.

Air Control
All Pyroclassic Fires feature fully-automatic air controls. In this unique setup, the fire itself controls the rate at which oxygen reaches the wood fuel, keeping it at the right burn temperature. This process keeps the glass clean throughout the burn cycle and prevents harm to the environment through unburnt tar and poisonous gases.

Wide Range of Colours
You can find a Pyroclassic Fire to suit your personal style, even if you don’t want the traditional black box. We offer over 200 colour variations, including classic neutrals and bold brights. You can explore our range of colours and choose the one that will complement your décor best. Simply choose from a black or grey fire body (top plate, door and flue) and then browse our selection of colour choices for the rest.

Where to Buy Wood Burning Fires in NZ
For over 40 years, we’ve been producing Pyroclassic Fires throughout New Zealand. We offer two models, the Pyroclassic IV and the Pyroclassic Mini. We work to continue to reduce our carbon emissions, successfully reducing them by 7.5% in our first year. You can help promote positive global change and lower greenhouse gas emissions by choosing a Pyroclassic Fire. We also source all our packaging from recyclable materials – and you can simply burn it in your Pyroclassic Fire once you’ve unpacked it. Contact us today to learn more.