Next Time You Shop for Wood Burners, Log Burners or Fireplaces in Canterbury, Consider Pyroclassic’s Ultra-Low Emission Burner in NZ

Next time you are shopping for wood burners in Canterbury, don’t settle for just any fireplace. At Pyroclassic Fires, we have taken steps to design and build what we think are the next generation of log burners. These fireplaces have low emissions ratings and are extremely energy efficient. They offer longer burning periods, which means you will spend less to keep them stocked with firewood in the winter. Best of all, they are an easy way to reduce your household carbon footprint and join the global fight against greenhouse gas emissions. The Pyroclassic Mini and ULEB Certification At Pyroclassic Fires, when we set out to create a low-emissions fireplace, we didn’t just want to use it as a marketing tactic. On the contrary, we wanted to take steps to be at the forefront of low-emissions wood burners in New Zealand. We wanted to do our part in protecting the environment. With those goals in mind, we set our sights on some major certifications. One of those was the Environment Canterbury Regional Council (ECAN) certification. With an ECAN certification for one of our Canterbury fireplaces, we would be able to classify that fireplace as an ‘ultra-low emission wood burner,’ or ULEB. Under ECAN requirements, a ULEB fireplace has thermal efficiency of 65% or greater and emissions of 38 milligrams per megajoule of heat generated. Fireplaces can only achieve this certification after going through a rigorous testing process. Fast-forward to now and we are proud to claim an ultra-low emission burner in NZ. Our Pyroclassic Mini model has ECAN certification and can now officially be classified as a ULEB model. The Pyroclassic Mini is our smaller fireplace, intended for houses that are 120 square metres or less. If you are looking for a large fireplace but still want to purchase a ULEB in NZ, know that we are in the process of pursuing the ECAN certification for our larger model. That model, the Pyroclassic IV, is ideally suited for homes between 130 and 200 square metres in size—though it can be utilised in larger homes as well. We recently had the Pyroclassic IV tested for emissions and thermal efficiency. More Than Just Wood Fires in Canterbury: How You Can Expand the Applications of Your Pyroclassic Fire At Pyroclassic Fires, we designed our fireplaces first and foremost to provide our customers with lower-emissions options in the wood burner market. Especially for households that use wood burners as a primary source of heat, specifications like fuel consumption rate, heat output, efficiency rate and emission rate are extremely important. We wanted to offer a range of fireplace models that reduced fuel consumption and emissions without slacking in the heat output and efficiency categories. If you are only looking for wood fires in Canterbury that can act as cost-effective home heating solutions, look no further than Pyroclassic Fires. However, at Pyroclassic, we also wanted to go one step further. We believed that if we extended the useful applications of our fireplaces, our customers would be able to achieve even greater reductions in carbon emissions. When you purchase a Pyroclassic wood fireplace in Canterbury, know that it isn’t just a fireplace. The Pyroclassic IV includes usable cooktop area,which you can rely on for food preparation tasks. Are you interested in learning more about Pyroclassic Fireplaces and the benefits of using our Canterbury fireplaces to trim your utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint? We would love the opportunity to tell you more about our products and their many advantages. Contact us today to start a conversation.