Buy a Fireplace That Burns for Longer: Pyroclassic Fires is Your Source for SMall and Medium Freestanding Fireplaces  and Related Fireplace Accessories in New Zealand

Are you tired of your fire burning out after just a few hours? While some people assume that wood will burn the same way no matter where or how you burn it, the truth is that some fireplaces are better than others for getting a long burn out of the same wood resources as others. At Pyroclassic Fires, we are known for designing fireplaces in New Zealand that aim for this kind of slow and steady fuel consumption. With a Pyroclassic fire, you get a longer burn and a more consistent source of heat.
Why Choose Pyroclassic? Especially if you are relying on your fireplace or wood burner to act as the primary source of heat for your whole home, you really need a model that can minimise fuel consumption. For one thing, firewood costs money. Finding a way to burn it more slowly without a reduction in heat can maximise your return-on-investment and make wood burning more competitive with alternative heating methods, such as natural gas. For another thing, stable and long-lasting heat is just more convenient than the alternative. Getting up to put a new log on the fire every hour is an irritation, especially at night. At Pyroclassic Fires, we are known for designing a type of fireplace in NZ that solves these problems. Take the Pyroclassic IV, our medium/large-sized fireplace. (If you are looking for a small fireplace in NZ, know that we also have a Pyroclassic Mini model.) The Pyroclassic IV has an extremely low fuel consumption rate of 1.1kg per hour. The result of this low fuel consumption rate is that the Pyroclassic IV can burn for a very long time. Indeed, this fireplace model is New Zealand’s only clean-air approved wood burner that can deliver a overnight burn. Simply put, if you are looking for a freestanding fireplace in NZ that can heat your home more consistently, more conveniently and affordably, the Pyroclassic IV might just be the perfect option for you.
Consider Your Pyroclassic Fireplace with Our Fireplace Accessories in NZ When you purchase a Pyroclassic-brand fire, you have the option to purchase it as a standalone or with fireplace accessories. Our fireplace accessories include all the basics, including:
  • Small or large woodbins
  • Screens and other wall protection
  • Ash scrapers and shovels
  • Reusable firelighters
  • Moisture meters
Having these fireplace accessories in NZ will make it easier for you to maintain your fireplace safely and effectively. Pyroclassic Fires also offers a high-output wetback, which you can use alongside your fireplace to meet your household hot water needs. In addition, our fireplaces come standard with heavy-duty cooktops, which you can use to boil water, fry eggs and more. These two features make our fireplaces unique and extremely versatile. Some of our customers have even opted out of having domestic stoves and hot water heaters, instead opting to use their Pyroclassic IV for both functions. Are you interested in learning more about Pyroclassic Fires and the possibilities of our fireplaces in New Zealand? If so, contact us today.