Otago Regulations
for Solid Fuel Burners

Zone 1: Alexandra, Arrowtown, Clyde and Cromwell

  • <.7g/kg of emissions
  • >65% efficiency

Fires installed before April 2007 (April 2009 in Clyde) that do not have a particulate rate less than 1.5g/kg are only permitted until January 2012.


Zone 2

  • <1.5g/kg of emissions
  • >65% efficiency


Zone 3

Properties less than 2 ha, zone 2 rules apply. Properties greater than 2 ha are excluded from the requirements.


Whilst every effort has been made to provide correct information as to the Clean Air Rules before making any purchase a purchaser should make their own inquiry of the relevant authority and Pyro Fires Ltd accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any error in or any omission from the information supplied


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