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Why do I need a Wall Screen or a Flue Shield?

Pyro Fires can be installed with a double skin half round flue shield or for minimum clearances from combustible walls a correctly sized wall screen must be installed, the clearances for these are shown in the relevant Tech Spec sheet for each fire.

Alternatively you can install a Pyro Fire without wall screens if you chose to use a non-combustible wall board product such as Eterpan, Supalux or Promina board and install it as per the manufacture specifications. Usually this involves ensuring a 25mm air gap is maintained between the wall board and any timber framing, through the bottom, up between the combustible surface and the screening material and out of the top.

In some instances the wall may not contain any combustible material and therefore will not require any screening.

Pyro Wall Screens now have a simple keyhole hanging system to make installation very easy.

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